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Empowering the heart of agriculture to innovate and maximize yields.
Leading the revolution in farming, your hands sow the seeds of tomorrow. We're here to amplify your efforts with technology and knowledge.

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Innovate and integrate. With the best of technology, we're redefining farming for the modern world.

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Melding research, policy, and practice for a brighter agricultural future.
Uniting scientific research with actionable policies, we’re driving forward a new era of agricultural excellence.
Let's Collaborate

Submit your solution for the future of farming

The LANDWERX Tech Thursday initiative invites you to submit solutions for an opportunity to help solve agricultural challenges. The purpose of Tech Thursday is to get creative solutions and/or expertise in front of Landus for potential future collaboration.

Selected organizations will have a 30-minute time slot on an upcoming Thursday from 3:00 to 5:00 PM Central (CT) to pitch their solutions to Landus.

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