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Farmers & Owners

Empowering the heart of agriculture to innovate and maximize yields.
Leading the revolution in farming, your hands sow the seeds of tomorrow. We're here to amplify your efforts with technology and knowledge.

Industry & Technology

Harnessing cutting-edge tech to shape the farms of the future.
Innovate and integrate. With the best of technology, we're redefining farming for the modern world.

Academia & Government

Melding research, policy, and practice for a brighter agricultural future.
Uniting scientific research with actionable policies, we’re driving forward a new era of agricultural excellence.
Welcome to LANDWERX

Forging the Future of Agriculture with Breakthrough Innovation

LANDWERX, a DEFENSEWERX Hub, is a non-profit organization, in synergy with Landus, propelling the swift discovery, engagement, and promotion of cutting-edge solutions for modern agriculture. Serving as a neutral facilitator, LANDWERX bridges the gap between Landus stakeholders and esteemed experts from the spheres of industry, academia, government and national labs to address pressing challenges faced by our agricultural community.

Join us on our essential mission to strengthen our nation's food security.

Our mission & objectives

Pioneering Progress in Agricultural Innovation.

the Gap
Directing technology to our Farmers/Owners (End Users) and transferring advancements to the Agri-Tech Industry.
Fostering Innovation
Strengthening our agricultural community through ecosystem enhancement and conceptual breakthroughs.
Nurturing the present and future workforce with a focus on STEAM principles.
Identifying, engaging, and fast-tracking solutions via an open, neutral and effective platform.

Current Opportunities

Always Innovating
for agriculture

The challenges we're always trying to solve.

Yield Optimization

Despite advancements in farming methods, many farmers face challenges in achieving optimal crop yields due to factors like soil health, pest infestations, and changing climate conditions.

Technological Integration

While technology promises to revolutionize farming, there's a gap in how it's integrated into daily farming operations. From IoT to AI, there's a need for practical applications that serve real-world farming needs.

Education & Training

As farming becomes more technologically driven, there's a pressing need to train farmers in new tools, techniques, and methodologies. This includes both formal education and on-the-ground training.

Space Agriculture

As we look to the stars, the challenge of growing food in space or on other planets becomes a thrilling frontier. Innovations in this area could change the course of human exploration.

Pest & Disease Management

With evolving pests and diseases, there's a need for innovative solutions that can help farmers protect their crops without resorting to harmful chemicals.

Sustainable Farming

With the increasing impact of climate change and the need for sustainable food sources, there's an imperative to find methods of farming that are both productive and environmentally friendly.

Supply Chain Issues

From field to market, the agricultural supply chain faces numerous challenges. Reducing waste, increasing efficiency, and ensuring the timely transport of produce are crucial areas of focus.

Financial Challenges

Many farmers face financial barriers that prevent them from accessing the best seeds, equipment, and technologies. Solutions that can provide more accessible financing or cost-effective alternatives are of significant value.

Military & Civilian Agriculture

Bridging military activities with farming, ensuring harmony and leveraging defense technology for enhanced agricultural benefits.

Water Management

Efficient and sustainable water use is critical, given the water shortages in many parts of the world. Innovations that help farmers use water more efficiently can have a massive impact.


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Crop Yield

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